Minutes 1-13-2022


These minutes represent the general subject matter discussed in this meeting but do not reflect a verbatim documentation of the subjects and conversation that took place.

  1. Chairman Steven Probst called the Regular Town Board Meeting to order at 6 P.M. Present were Supervisor John Rautio, David Ciembronowicz, Lori Anderson, Rich Nemitz and Clerk/Treasurer Helen G Hyde. Clerk testified the meeting was properly posted.
  2. A motion by Lori Anderson, seconded by David Ciembronowicz to approve the Agenda, Motion Carried.
  3. A motion by John Rautio, seconded by David Rich Nemitz,  to approve the Minutes of the Regular Town Meeting December 9, 2021  Motion Carried.
  4. A motion by David Ciembronowicz, seconded by Lori Anderson to approve the Financial Report. Motion Carried.
  5. No citizens comments
  6. A motion by Lori Anderson, seconded by Rich Nemitz to recommend approval for Tiffany Rowoldt for a short term rental at 7720 Spider lake road. This permit was already in place and is being renewed. The permit will be transferred to the new owners which will be closing mid- January. Motion carried.
  7. A motion by David Ciembronowicz, seconded by Rich Nemitz to renew the special loan for emergency needs, the loan is up to 650,000.00, through Security State Bank, rate of 2.98% for an 18 month term, maturing 7/13/2023. Motion carried.
  8. Update on Tripp Funds- the DOT has extended the deadline for Tripp Funds so the town has put in 4 more roads for consideration. The Block Grant is in progress for Nate Johnson for the purchase and construction for the Mitchel Building on Main Street.
  9. Update on Bretting Building. No action will be taken because the heads of the departments have decided to decline the offer for the building.
  10. Update on ice dam at Highway Department. The insurance company was notified of the damage that took place at various parts of the building. The Town is working with the adjuster and companies so the building can be fixed and is safe.
  11. A motion by Lori Anderson, seconded by John Rautio to modify the size of decks at Moon Lake Park to 40 Square feet. A letter will go out to the seasonal campers at Moon Lake so they can be informed of the changes. Motion Carried.
  12. Heads of Departments present. Andy Jatzo – Highway, John Darwin- Fire, Tony Williams- Police, Sam Gilbert – Ambulance, Jackie Pooler- Library.
  13. A motion by John Rautio , seconded by Rich Nemitz to adjourn at 7:45 P.M. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted

Helen G Hyde