Room Rentals


Your rental time includes your time to set-up, decorate, take-down and clean up. Do Not plan to come early or stay late for these tasks.

  1. Choose the room/product you want to book – you may book multiple dates/time/rooms at the same time
  2. There will be the options to add bar service and add kitchen; pay deposit or pay full amount
  3. After selection of first date and time Click “Book Now”
  4. If you want to select multiple dates, if for the same room, then choose your next date and time and Click “Book Now” after each selection.
  5. If you want to change rooms for your next selection go back to Community Center Rental and choose next room
  6. When you have finished with choosing your date/s – go to top right of page and Click “View Cart”
  7. This will show your booking information – date booked, options and the amount due at booking. If booking multiple dates, you only need to pay 1 deposit of $100.  This deposit is refundable after the last date booked if all terms and conditions are met after each use of the center.
  8. You will fill in your contact information, choose form of payment and complete the transaction.
  9. You will have to confirm that you agree to the “Term and Conditions”. Please take the time to read these and understand your responsibilities for use of the center.
  10. If you are sending a check, your deposit needs to be received within 2 weeks of booking date and full payment 30 days prior to event.
  11. If you are a local (Iron River area) 501(c)(3) using the center for your once a year free rental, the deposit is required.
  12. Short notice rentals (less than 30 days) should pay full amount at time of booking.



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