Minutes 4-11-2024 Board of Supervisors

6 P.M

These minutes represent the general subject matter discussed in this meeting but do not reflect a verbatim documentation of the subjects and conversation that took place.

1. Chairman David Ciembronowicz called the Regular Town Board Meeting to order at 6 P.M. Present were Supervisor Roric Gilmer was absent, Rich Nemitz , John Sleeman , Cassie Fleming and Clerk/Treasurer Helen G Hyde. Clerk testified the meeting was properly posted.
2. A motion by Rich Nemitz, seconded by John Sleeman to approve the Agenda, Motion Carried.
3. A motion by Cassie Fleming, seconded by Rich Nemitz to approve the Minutes of the Regular Town Meeting March 14, 2024. Motion Carried.
4. A motion by Rich Nemitz, seconded by Cassie Fleming to approve the Financial Report. Motion Carried.
5. Heads of Departments present. Andy Jatzo – Highway, Adam Olson – Ambulance, Jackie Pooler- Library, Police- Voss
6. Ad Hoc Committee for Housing- Bill Trautt spoke about the progress of the committee; there is a full report in the Town Office. Parks & Recreation-no report
7. Citizens Comments- No comments
8. This item was tables until more information was obtained referring to a platted town road bordering property on North Shore Drive.
9. A motion by Cassie Fleming, seconded by John Sleeman to amend the Room Tax increase for Iron River, from 3% to 5% starting on July 1, 2024. Motion carried.
10. A motion by Cassie Fleming, seconded by Rich Nemitz to table the amendment to Town of Iron River ordinance 16-8 to restrict dogs and animals from a town park during an event that is posted prohibiting such animals from being present. Tabled until legal advice can be obtained. Motion carried.
11. Tabled item, Bayfield County Planning and zoning Committee proposed an amendment to Containers being placed/used and would like a response from the Town to the County Committee regarding their ordinance, Town Board will write letters to respond to the County request. Motion Carried.
12. Update on remaining ARPA funds. Looking for suggestions from citizens on how to use the remaining money.
13. Bayfield County has provided the Town of iron River EMS 20,000.00 for recruitment/retention. A separate line item in EMS budget was created for that purpose.
14. Update: Bayfield County Highway Commissioner lifted restrictions on County roads effective 12 noon on April 11, 2024
15. A motion by Cassie Fleming, no second, Tabled, The Lions club is seeking Board approval for a Special Use Permit to place a container on their property at 8650 Topper Road, they asked last year but the Count denied permission until the new container ordinance went into effect. This Board needs to do more research and needs more information, Tabled until further notice.
16. A motion by Rich Nemitz, seconded by John Sleeman to adopt the Resolution to exceed the Levy Limit worksheet in 2025. By roll call vote. Cassie Fleming-yes, Rich Nemitz-yes, John Sleeman-yes, David Ciembronowicz-yes. Motion carried. The informational meeting for electors is scheduled for April 30, 2024, 6pm at the Community Center. The Electors meeting to decide the vote to raise the levy will be May 7, 2024 at the Community Center at 6 pm.
17. Update on Town of Iron River Dam repair request for proposal, the damage is below the Dam and will be fixed and paid for out of the Dam account. Long Island Engineering LLC, Todd Gibbons is the person who takes care of all the dam operations.
18. Update the Annual Meeting will be held April 16, 2024 at 6PM at the Community Center
19. A motion by John Sleeman, seconded by Cassie Fleming to adjourn at 7:55 P.M. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted
Helen G Hyde