Minutes 3-9-2023


6 P.M

These minutes represent the general subject matter discussed in this meeting but do not
reflect a verbatim documentation of the subjects and conversation that took place.

1. Chairman David Ciembronowicz called the Regular Town Board Meeting to order at 6 P.M.
Present were Supervisor Roric Gilmer, Rich Nemitz, John Sleeman and Clerk/Treasurer Helen G Hyde. Clerk testified the meeting was properly posted.
2. A motion by John Sleeman, seconded by Rich Nemitz to approve the Agenda, Motion Carried.
3. A motion by Roric Gilmer, seconded by Rich Nemitz to approve the Minutes of the Regular Town Meeting February 9, 2023. Motion Carried.
4. A motion by Rich Nemitz, seconded by John Sleeman to approve the Financial Report. Motion Carried.
5. Citizens Comments. Cassie Fleming thanked the Town Board for support of the elementary school resolution of support. Paula Kolonich read a letter she wrote to show her opposition for the shipping containers that Gregg Mertitz has applied to zoning for. She feels strongly that these containers are not in the right area in town and should not be permitted.                                                                                                           Helena Jameson updated the board on the Iron River Garden Club.                                                                                                                              Jeanna Penny informed the Board about the flooding that will most likely take place this spring with the amounts of snow received in her neighborhood. She is looking for suggestions on how to deal with the potential problem.
6. A motion by John Sleeman, seconded by Roric Gilmer to not recommend approval for the shipping container at South George Street, Gregory Merritt. The Planning Commission did not approve of this recommendation either due to not being in compliance with the buildings surrounding it and the possibility of lowering property values. The first container placed on this property was placed without permission. There was also a citizen who showed opposition to this storage building as well. Motion carried.
7. A motion by Rich Nemitz, seconded by John Sleeman to recommend approval to Chad & Robin Lisdahl to rezone their property from F-1 to R-1 to allow for reduced setbacks, they would like to replace their aging garage, the Planning Commission recommended this approval as well. Motion carried.
8. Motions by John Sleeman, seconded by Roric Gilmer to approve a request from Ginger Pagac for a firework permit to be held on March 11, 2023. She would like to have a ten minute display for her son’s birthday. All neighbors have been notified. Motion carried.
9. A motion by Rich Nemitz, seconded by John Sleeman to sell the Dodge Charger to the Sherriff’s Department at Bayfield County for $30,000.00. Motion carried. A motion by Rich Nemitz, seconded by John Sleeman to approve the purchase of the new police
vehicle, which will be a Dodge Durango V8. Motion carried.
10. A motion by Roric Gilmer, seconded by John Sleeman to move $32,492.50 from 2022 to 2023 Budget for the EMS Flex Grant to be put in the budget as its own line item. Motion carried.
11. Update on Town Road Aid Project request in 2023.This is an annual request to Bayfield County for roads that are used for logging purposes in the Town of Iron River. The request has been made to the County for 12-15 thousand dollars for maintenance of
these roads.
12. Update on the Recycling Center Building. The concrete slab is estimated at $10,000.00, the building right around $30,000.00, Bids still coming in for the Building, trying to keep the total cost right around $50,000.00.
13. The Town Board has submitted 3 grants to Senator Tammy Baldwin’s office under the 2024 Congressional Discretionary Funding request. 1. Full time EMS personnel funding request for 3 years. 2. Rehabilitation and expansion of the EMS/Highway/Fire Building.
3. Fire Department purchase of a new pumper/tender
14. Cassie Fleming and Jackie Pooler from the library had a lengthy discussion involving the possible purchase of the Callahan property for use by the IR Library. The Town Board made a motion by roll call vote to approve the request to have the electors vote to purchase the property at the Annual Meeting on Tuesday April 18, 2023. Roric Gilmer-yes, Rich Nemitz- yes, John Sleeman-yes, David Ciembronowicz- yes. Motion approved
15. Heads of Departments present. Andy Jatzo – Highway, Matt Ladweg- Police, Sam Gilbert –Ambulance, Jackie Pooler- Library, John Darwin- Fire
16. A motion by John Sleeman , seconded by Roric Gilmer to adjourn at 7:55 P.M. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted
Helen G Hyde