Minutes 1-12-2023





6 P.M


These minutes represent the general subject matter discussed in this meeting but do not reflect a verbatim documentation of the subjects and conversation that took place.

  1. Chairman David Ciembronowicz called the Regular Town Board Meeting to order at 6 P.M. Present were Supervisor Rich Nemitz, Roric Gilmer and Clerk/Treasurer Helen G Hyde. Clerk testified the meeting was properly posted.
  2. A motion by Rich Nemitz, seconded By Roric Gilmer to approve the Agenda, Motion Carried.
  3. A motion by Rich Nemitz, seconded by Roric Gilmer to approve the Minutes of the Regular Town Meeting December 8, 2022 and the Special Town Board Meeting December 19, 2022 .  Motion Carried.
  4. A motion by Roric Gilmer, seconded by Rich Nemitz to approve the Financial Report. Motion Carried.
  5. No Citizens Comments
  6. The Town of Iron River Board introduced the new Chief of Police, Matthew Ladwig. He started work on Monday, January 9, 2023.
  7. Update on the Iron River website. Community Center brochures were sent out to over 75 organizations, businesses and towns, Moon Lake Park Campground is not on website as of yet but possibly next week.
  8. Update on North Shore Drive right away, per Bayfield County. Adjoining property owners have been contacted and now the Town is waiting for their response.
  9. Reminder that the Bayfield County Housing and Heating Assistance is still available to all Bayfield County residents
  10. Update on Primary Election for Iron River Supervisor position. There are 5 people running, John Sleeman-incumbent, Cassie Flemimg, Doug Croney, Kelly Killian, and Jeanna Penny. The election is to bring the supervisors running to 4 people those 4 will continue on to the April Election.
  11. A motion by Rich Nemitz, seconded by Roric Gilmer to approve the liquor license application for the C-store new owners who will take over on January 30, 2023. Motion carried.
  12. Update on Ice rink by Elementary school. Rassmensens put in a new water line (spiket) to help flood the rink, hose comes next week, then the flooding will begin.
  13. Update on Recycling Center donation money and building plan update. The donation money is about 25-26 thousand in a line item in the 2023 Budget, plus a loan of 40-45 thousand bringing the total to around 70,000.00. The plan is to begin construction this spring if a contractor can be found.
  14. The discussion for a potential candidate forum meeting prior to the February 21, 2023 primary. Citizens thought there was not enough time to organize a forum but would like to see it done before the April election.
  15. Heads of Departments present. Matt Ladwig- Police, Sam Gilbert – Ambulance, Jackie Pooler- Library, John Darwin- Fire
  16. A motion by Roric Gilmer, seconded by Rich Nemitz to adjourn at 6:45 P.M. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted

Helen G Hyde