Library Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda 2-21-2024

Evelyn Goldberg Briggs Memorial Library
Board of Trustees Meeting
Conference Room
February 21, 2024 6:00 P

Zoom Meeting link (no password should be necessary)

Mission Statement: The mission of the Evelyn Goldberg Briggs Memorial Library is to provide quality materials and
services that cultivate literacy in our community.
Vision Statement: The Evelyn Goldberg Briggs Memorial Library aspires to connect in a meaningful way with everyone
in our community.
Circulation statistics: Jan 2023 (2538) Jan 2024 (3007)
1. Call to order/Roll call
2. Guest Comments
3. Correspondence
4. Reports:
• President “‘
• Secretary: January 21, minutes, amending the November 29th meeting minutes
• Treasurer:
• Library Director
• Social media and publications-This policy is used by library staff to manage the library’s Facebook and
lnstagram accounts.
• Panic Bars installation
• Genealogy books status-make loanable?
• Bylaws-the rules and regulations that the library board follows
• Trustee Essentials-a book published by the state of Wisconsin spelling out the powers and duties of the
library board.
• Use of attorney-to answer legal questions of the library board since the town attorney feels it would be a
conflict of interest
• Drawing books for kit-a hardwood manikin was donated to the library and the goal is to create a kit that
includes this figure along with several books on how to draw the human body for varied levels of skill.
• liability insurance
• letter of concern-this a document that a person fills out if they want to have library material reviewed by
the library director and eventually the library board.
• guest comments-should this be included on the agenda for further meetings?
• programming policy/Iron River Library Program Advisory Committee-used to direct the librarian on
the type of programs to offer at the library.
• Friends
Next regular board meeting will be Wednesday, March 20 th . The next special meeting will be February 26 th