Elector Meeting Minutes 5-7-2024


Electors Meeting to increase the 2025 Levy

At the Community Center
Tuesday, May 07, 2024
6 P.M.

These minutes represent the general subject matter discussed in this meeting but do not
reflect a verbatim documentation of the subjects and conversation that took place.

Chairman David Ciembronowicz called the Electors meeting to order at 6 P.M. with 94 citizens
and 9 nonresidents present.
In March a Resolution by the Town Board was passed to increase the Levy Limit in the 2025 Tax
year by $206,899.24. This meeting is to decide if the electors are in favor or deny this increase.
Lengthy discussion of electors took place.
A motion by Patti Rowray, seconded by Jenna Penny was made to table the decision
until September 2024 after the revaluation of the Town is complete. Discussion.
54- No
Motion did not pass
A motion by Joyce Ciembronowicz, seconded by Bill Trautt to increase the 2025 Levy by
$206,899.24. Discussion.
50- Yes
34-No Motion passes, Levy will be raised
A motion by Mark Thompson, seconded by Elain Sleeman to adjourn meeting at 8:15
Motion Carried.

Respectfully Submitted
Helen G Hyde ~Clerk/Treasurer