Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting Agenda 7-13-2023


6 P.M.

1. Call Meeting to Order
2. Approve the Agenda/Clerk attest meeting was posted according to state statues
3. Approve the minutes of the Regular Town Board Meeting June 8, 2023 and the Special Town
Board Meeting on July 1, 2023
4. Approve the Financial Report
5. Head of Departments
6. Citizens Comments
7. Discuss/Act on request from Tyler Forsythe regarding Moon Lake Park
8. Discuss/Act on a request from Joseph Ligman at 7670 Spider Lake Road for a short term rental
9. Discuss/Act on a request from John & Donica Krudson at 64910 Kickin Back Trail for permission
to keep an Rv on site for 3 years to complete cabin construction
10. Discuss/Act on request from David & Lisa Anderson at 69835 East Long Lake Road for a short
term rental
11. Discuss/Act on special event permit form JBOs Bowling, Bar & Grill to have a street dance and
road closure on July 21, 2023, on south Main Street from Hwy 2 to Mill Street. Noise ordinance,
open container, no glass on street , barricades and trash cans
12. Discuss/Act on old Ambulance
13. Discuss/Act on container &semi-trailer Ordinance for the Town of Iron River
14. Discuss/Act on Hughes net service for Moon Lake Park new bid for service
15. Discuss/Act on Norvado wifi service for Moon Lake Park new bid service
16. Discuss/Act on Callahan property purchase status
17. Discuss/Act on Republic Waste Bid for Recycling Compactor and new contract, status update
18. Discuss/Act on Peddlers Permit requirement for Iron River
19. Update: Moon Lake Park Campground status
20. Update: Mill Rate & Property Assessment
21. Update: Mitchell Building status
22. The Town Board may entertain a motion to move in and out of closed session pursuant
to Wis. Stat #19.85 (1) (c) Considering employment, promotion, and compensation or
performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body

has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility. Performance evaluation of Town employees.
Reconvening Sec. 19.85 (2)
23. Adjournment

Helen G Hyde – Clerk/Treasurer