Board of Supervisors Minutes 8-10-2023


6 P.M

These minutes represent the general subject matter discussed in this meeting but do not
reflect a verbatim documentation of the subjects and conversation that took place.
1. Chairman David Ciembronowicz called the Regular Town Board Meeting to order at 6
P.M. Present were Supervisor Rich Nemitz, John Sleeman, Roric Gilmer, Cassie Fleming
and Clerk/Treasurer Helen G Hyde. Clerk testified the meeting was properly posted.
2. A motion by Rich Nemitz, seconded by John Sleeman to approve the Agenda, Motion
3. A motion by Cassie Fleming, seconded by Roric Sleeman to approve the Minutes of the
Regular Town Board Meeting July 13, 2023 Motion Carried.
4. A motion by Rich Nemitz, seconded by John Sleeman to approve the Financial Report.
Motion Carried.
5. Citizens Comments. Sue Lindquist- thanked Town Board, EMS, Fire, and Police for their
service. Randy Morgan- informed the Board about Library book that is aimed at children
and is inappropriate and is unsuitable for children do to profanity content. Cynthia
Samels-spoke on fireworks in the Town of Iron River, addressing problem with permits,
disappointed on the permitting process. Helena Jameson- spoke on gender books at
Library, explained her point of view and wanting to protect children. John Quam-
thanked Town for fixing his road, asked what kind of funding is for the Library, in his
opinion some reading material should restricted. Jason Welty- Disappointed on how the
town has been plowing roads in the winter, would like to see them better and a little
more promptly done, Expressing how he feels about Fire Lake Road/Bladder Lake Road
and UTV/Side by sides, these roads are in terrible condition and need to be graded
6. Head of Departments present, Ryan Schneeburger – Police, Jackie Pooler – Library, John
Darwin – Fire, ADHOC- Helena Jameson

7. Request from Cynthia Samels to speak on Fire Works Ordinance will be with item
number 10
8. Lions request to speak about 2024 Blueberry Festival withdrawn for this month
9. A motion by John Sleeman, seconded by Cassie Fleming to table the Well Head
Ordinance until further discussed. Tim Ciembronowicz from the Sanitary District
explained the Well Head protection areas in effect now; the ordinance was put into
place specifically to protect the aquafer. The new ordinance will protect a larger area.
Motion carried.
10. A motion by Rich Nemitz, seconded by John Sleeman to approve the amended
Ordinance of Sec. 19.53(c) Regulation of Fireworks in the Town of Iron River . Motion
carried. The new regulations are available in the Clerk’s Office
11. A motion by Rich Nemitz, seconded by Cassie Flemimg to approve the new prices at the
Recycling Center, prices are available at the Clerk’s Office. Prices effective September 1,
2023. Motion carried.
12. A motion by Rich Nemitz, seconded by John Sleeman to temporarily close the Youth
Center until a worker can be found. Motion carried.
13. A motion by John Sleeman, seconded by Roric Gilmer to approve moving forward with
the North Lakes Clinic parking lot paving and Town alley modification, the Town will pay
for the Alley $3500-$4500, the full discription is on file at the Clerk’s Office. Motion
14. A motion by Cassie Flemimg, seconded by Roric Gilmer to move forward and approve
paving Main Street from Staples Avenue North to the bridge and beyond by
approximately 300 feet, the full description is on file at Clerks office. Motion carried.
15. A motion by Roric Gilmer, seconded by Cassie Flemimg to Table flooding by Main
Street/Lea Street until further discussion/information can be obtained. Motion carried.
16. Informational. The Town applied for a WEDA Grant for potential purchase of 5.1 acres of
land (by Bayfield Electric), to potentially have land to put housing on in the future.
17. Update on Moon Lake Park Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi should be installed as fast as next week by
18. Update on new building at Recycling Center by John Sleeman. The cement slab is
complete, building is coming the week of the 21 st
19. Update on Callahan property purchase. The survey is complete waiting on Title
Company for closing date.
20. Update by Helena Jameson on projects the ADHOC committee is working on and what
was accomplished this summer, Comment by Town Board-the flowers on highway 2 are
beautiful and thank you for all the hard work.
21. Tyler Forsythe was not present to speak about Moon Lake Park and his request

22. Update on ATV/UTV Town Road Issues. Chairman David spoke on the misuse of gravel
roads by motorizes vehicles. The Town tries to keep all gravel roads updated and
maintained but at times these vehicles ruin the gravel roads, unfortunately there isn’t
enough officer support to be present at all times. The Board is talking about different
solutions to these problems
23. A motion by John Sleeman, seconded by Rich Nemitz to adjourn at 8:05 P.M. Motion

Respectfully Submitted
Helen G Hyde