Agenda 2-8-2024


6 P.M.

1. Call Meeting to Order
2. Approve the Agenda
3. Approve the Minutes of the Regular Town Board Meeting January 11, 2024
4. Approve the Financial Report
5. Heads of Department
6. Ad Hoc Committee reports (Housing, Parks & recreation )
7. Citizens Comments (Time limited to 2 minutes per person)
8. Notice: Moon Lake Park Campground reservations are now open; contact the Town Office
or Joyce Ciembronowicz (715)372-4324 for more information.
9. Notice: Fishin’ Chicks review of recent Fund Raiser at Community Center.
10. Discuss/Act: WisDOT has requested all towns in Wisconsin to provide an inventory of the 6
~20 foot diameter culvert/small bridge inventory by April 15 th that includes: driving entire
road network, locating and collecting 16 data points for each (including GPS coordinates)
fore each structure. Cost is $100/structure.
11. Discuss/Act: Moon Lake Park Campground is in need of equipment updates/replacement
items including the following: Four (4) new grills for picnic area in South end of park (est.
cost of $250 each. Money to be allocated from ARPA funding.
12. Discuss/Act: Removal, Mitigation and re-insulation of Hwy/Fire/EMS building interior
insulation; Estimated cost $14,000~$20,000 (includes insulation). Bid(s) to be sent to
service companies for spring 2024 completion.
13. Discuss/Act: Employee Handbook 2023 Revised with Town Board approval has been
distributed to employees. Any additional amendments or changes to the document at this
14. Discuss/Act: Statistical Data, demographics of Iron River and sister Communities of Delta,
Hughes, Oulu and Tripp. Town Chair requests approval to initiate discussions with their
leadership on discussion of common issues, EMS and Fire support, and ways to work
together for future growth of our communities.

15. Notice: Economic Development Group will meet February 15 th at 8:30am at the Community
Center. Contact Geri at Chamber of Commerce for more information and agenda.
16. Discuss/Act on Board approval to offer for sale the red building currently at the Recycling
Center , $1,200.00 or best offer
17. Discuss/Act on Board approval to offer for sale the cardboard compactor that is no longer
used by The recycling Center , $3000.00 or best offer
18. Adjournment

Helen G Hyde