Agenda 11-10-2022


6 P.M.

1. Call Meeting to Order
Town Clerk certification that Iron River Board of Supervisors Meeting date and agenda were
advertised in the community in accordance with Wisconsin State requirements.
2. Approve the Agenda
3. Approve the Minutes of the October 13, 2022 Regular Town Board Meeting and the Special Town
Board meeting October 25, 2022
4. Approve the Financial Report
5. Citizens Comments
6. Discuss/Act on recommended approval for Don Reijo, Jessica Buran, Nicholas Reijo, Mathew Reijo
at 66080 North Point Drive for a short term rental
7. Update: The Special Town Meeting for the 2023 Budget approval is scheduled for Monday
November 21, 2022 at 6:00 P.M. in the Community Center. The Budget is available for review with
a synopsis for the upcoming year
8. Update: Community Center custodian has been hired and began work last week. Bob Haworth
9. Update: The applications for a Police Chief closed on October 29 th , seven applications have been
turned in and will be reviewed by the Police and Fire Commission, the interviews will be scheduled
in the upcoming weeks
10. Update: Moon Lake Park Campground sites were measured and now listed on a temporary map.
We are finalizing some data required to digitize the map and expect to have this done in 30 days
11. Update:   Moon Lake Park Campground citizen input.  A meeting was initiated by the
Town Board with interested citizens regarding concerns about the campground.  That
meeting was held and discussion ensued with two (2) supervisors.   Further review by
the board will result in updates to 2023 regulations and layout of the campground.
Discuss/Act : came up regarding the vacating of North Shore Dr where it was originally platted
(below in yellow), and it appears that doc #458683, V.783 P.326, recorded on 8/1/2000 both
establishes the new/current location of the road, as well as vacates what was originally platted.
There is a legal description for the current roadway to be accepted into the town road system, and in
mapping that out, one bearing does not make sense/does not line up with the roadway going in the
wrong direction.
12.   Discuss/Act:  Bayfield County Housing and Heating Assistance Programs available (will
have flyers to hand out)
13.   Discuss/Act: Mitchell Building Rehab. Update town following tour by Chairman

14.   Discuss/Act: BIL Funding Grants available that the town board of supervisors are
reviewing to initiate grant application for roads within the town
15.  Discuss/Act: Iron River Recycling Center updated pricing proposal for 2022-2023
16. Discuss/Act:  Iron River Roads, gravel requirements and recommendations from board.
Discuss during BIL grant item
17. Head of Departments
18. Adjournment

Helen G Hyde