Agenda 10-13-2022




6 P.M.


  1. Call Meeting to Order
  2. Town Clerk certification that Iron River Board of Supervisors Meeting date and agenda were advertised in the community in accordance with Wisconsin State requirements.
  3. Approve the Agenda
  4. Approve the Minutes of the September 8, 2022 Regular Town Board Meeting
  5. Approve the Financial Report
  6. Citizens Comments
  7. Discuss/Act on recommended approval for Anette Clemers, William & James Costello at 7845 Summit Street for a short term rental
  8. Discuss/Act on recommended approval for Mark Anderson at 10215 County Highway H to replace an existing driveway
  9. Discuss/Act on time and date for Trick or Treating in Iron River
  10. Discuss/Act on request from Bayfield County to consider contributing $150.00 to facilitate the placement of several collection dumpsters throughout the county this fall during hunting season to collect deer carcass waste to further prevent CWD in Bayfield and surrounding counties
  11. Discuss/Act on request from the Lions Club to discuss solutions for the bathroom situation at the playground by the community center
  12. Discuss/Act on a request from the North Lakes Community Clinic to help them in removing and grading down the alleyway to be able to pave the parking lot and alleyway, to help with water flow, lessen gravel into the highway and onto the sidewalks
  13. Discuss/Act on Iron River Dam inspection. Note: Inspection took place in September and found that repairs need to be made to the Dams walls front and back; the town is in the process of requesting bids for the proposed. The inspection showed the Dam in fair to good condition with no concerns about failure by the inspector
  14. Discuss/Act on Iron River Police Chief hiring status
  15. Discuss/Act on Fire/EMS/Hwy department building update. Note: Roof insulation completed, hall 90% complete, additional work to be done with approved Loan from Chippewa Valley Bank
  16. Discuss/Act on Bayfield County request for input for ATV/UTV access to all county highways
  17. Discuss/Act on Mitchell building rehab
  18. Discuss/Act o Callahan property historical society building/library
  19. Discuss/Act on Fire Department/Ambulance sale status
  20. Discuss/Act on Town custodian need
  21. Discuss/Act from the Highway Department to move money from the major construction to gravel, $12,000.00
  22. Discuss/Act on Garden Gals recognition and thank you
  23. Heads of Department
  24. Adjournment

    Helen G Hyde