Agenda 1-10-2024 Board of Supervisors


6 P.M.

1. Call Meeting to Order
2. Approve the Agenda
3. Approve the Minutes of the Regular Town Board Meeting December 13, 2023
4. Approve the Financial Report
5. Heads of Department
6. Ad Hoc Committee reports (Housing, Parks & recreation ) December winter fest review.
7. Citizens Comments (Time limited to 2 minutes per person)
8. NOTICE: Winter parking ordinance is in effect for town streets. When snowfall is 3” or
more we will be plowing streets and cars parked during those hours are subject to a
ticket and/or removal at the owners cost.
9. NOTICE: The April 2 nd Spring election for two (2) open positions on the town board of
supervisors will have three (3) candidates and no primary is required this year.
Candidates are Helena Jamison, John Rautio and Supervisor Rich Nemitz.
10. Discuss/Act: Moon Lake Park Campground new reservation software status and
expected completion date (Joyce Ciembronowicz).
11. Discuss/Act on moving $10,000.00 in unused funds from 2023 Highway Department line
item 53315 (Highway Major Construction Pave) to 2024 Highway Dept. budget line item
53265 (Equipment Repair). Front Loader required repair work during Dec. 2023
inspection but parts unavailable until January 2024.
12. Discuss/Act: EMS Department; move unused 2023 Ambulance Funding Assist Grant
funds and donations totaling $88,037.87 to 2024 EMS budget line items.
13. Discuss/Act: Fire Department; move unused 2023 Fire Dept. donations of $6,250.00to
2024 Fire budget line item.
14. Discuss/Act: Police Department; move unused 2023 Police Dept. donations of 36,666.67
to 2024 Police budget line item.
15. Discuss/Act: Recycling Center: move unused 2023 Recycling Center donations of
$893.00 to 2024 Recycling Center budget line item.

16. Discuss/Act: EMS department hiring of Full-time EMS personnel funding through tax levy
increase requires Town Elector approval. The next Town Electors meeting is scheduled
for April 16, 2024 or does the town board want to schedule a Special Town Electors
meeting on a different date?
17. Discuss/Act: Move unused 2023 ARPA funds ($91,044) to 2024 budget under ARPA
Fund line item.
18. Discuss/Act: Town Board appointment of a new EMS Director, Adam Olsen to replace
Director Sam Gilbert.
19. Adjournment

Helen G Hyde